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Hello, I am Walter. I trade for living. And no, it was not an easy way to get there. Since about 2005, don't know the exact year,  I was constantly on a quest to be a successful trader, lying on a sandy beach in the carribean, place my trades, cash the money and enjoy my dolce vita. 

This bubble bursted very fast but I never gave up trying to understand what trading really is. What happens on this charts with green and red bars, candles? Why are some instruments so fast and chaotic like a monkey pressing any buttons? And others are so slow and boring like watching painting on a wall dry? What are all this indicators about? Why there are so unbelievable many of them? Which should I use? And why? Does they give me a guarantee to be successful? 

If you are new to trading then you'll be like an leaf in the wind. There are thousands and thousands of experts, books, indicators, holy grails etc. out there. This market has no university where you can start studying economics, markets, trading in a controlled, repeatable and scientific way. No at all, trading is a jungle and only the bravest will survive. So goes the saying. 

Yes, if you start, it is a jungle, but not the bravest will survive and win, but the smartest and most passionate trader who is willing to evolve, will constantly win. By saying that I am aware that only few "will be choosen" to master this challenge.

On the other hand if you you see trading as your goal, you have to make it your profession. And by profession it means absolute passion and focus for this spectacular job. 

I think I am done on my quest to find the best and smartest trading system, if there is any. Trading is simply taking risk, understanding what market makers are doing and following rules which makes me comfortable. 

Understanding what market makers are doing, reveal, visualize it with Order Flow together with a few non-lagging indicators are trading basics for me.  

The intention of my blog is to comment my trades, write down my thoughts in small and easy to read editions. I am not selling a system, trading platforms, indicators or other stuff. On the other side when a tool helps me on my way to objectively reach my goals I will write and speak about. 

I hope this blog and the responsibility for visitors of my website helps me to become more disciplined during my trading day and in return gives my readers an aha effect. 

Enjoy and Have Fun!




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