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I am not a member of linked companies. All Products I am using are fully licensed from these companies. 

My primary source of presenting trading information is based on Bookmap™ and  dxFeed Bookmap™ technology. As you can see in my blog data visualization can help make better and trustful trading decisions. 


Try Bookmap™ with 14 day full money back guarantee. 

As described,  I am using only a few indicators on my NinjaTrader 8 chart. They all have been programmed by Lizardindicators aka Fat Tails. You can get more information about FatTails in the forum.


Peter Davies Jigsaw Trader plugin for NinjaTrader 7 was my first start in the world of Order Book reading. He is publishing and presenting a lot of excellent material around Order Book and Order Flow. Peter evolved Jigsaw Trader to a more complete product which is called "Jigsaw daytradr". 

Jigsaw Trader

Recently I found a programmer by accident who has a deep knowledge of Order Flow and its microstructure. Mikhail Zhelnov from MZPack. His integration of Order Flow in NinjaTrader 8 shows a deep knowledge about order flow and is for sure worth a look.